Saturday, 8 June 2013

We had an enforced stop at Marple Junction while the engine was sorted out.  This turned out to be an enjoyable few days.  Lovely walks down Marple Locks on the Peak Forest Canal, which are set in very scenic countryside.  They are now high on my list of favourite lock flights.  Also Marple has a yarn shop so I was able to indulge my favourite pastime of buying yarn.  I have already started a new project with the yarn.

Marple top lock

We eventually left Marple Junction and turned back onto the Macclesfield Canal on Thursday afternoon, a day earlier than expected.  Walsh's have been out and sorted out the engine, they returned the repaired parts and fitted it all on Thursday morning and after eating lunch we set off.  Didn't really get going until nearly 3:00pm though as it took ages to fill up with water and empty the toilet.

Friday morning we set out early intending to go to the top of Bosley Locks and then come down them on Saturday.  However got there at lunch time so after a quick sandwich we decided to head down the locks and moor at the bottom.  Filled up with water at the top of the flight and headed down.

The Macclesfield Canal is a place of contrasts.  It is set in beautiful countryside, but there are plenty of reminders of a more industrial past.  Mainly in the form of large mills and factories.

Goyt Mill.  A fine example of a 'dark satanic mill' 

Working down Bosley Flight!
Graham working hard!

In the distance is the Cloud over 1000ft high!  

A willing helper from a hire boat following behind.  They had crew jumping all over the place!

Poor Graham was hot and tired by the end of the flight.  Some of the paddles are really heavy as I found out going up!

Bosley bottom lock

Friday evening we moored at the bottom of Bosley Locks in time for gin and tonic!  Chatted to the guy with the still on board, who remembered seeing us on the River Weaver.  He offered Graham whisky again and mentioned that he was also brewing red wine and barley wine.  He seems fairly on the ball though so either the drink hasn't affected him or he is not such a drinker as we at first thought.

We had a late start this morning as we are not moving far and are going to moor up until Monday morning.  The plan is to go on to Hall Green and visit the 'Bleeding Wolf'.  A pub that is reputed to do good food.  We are going to have a beer and a suss out of the menu and if it meets with our approval we will have lunch there on Sunday.  We had much discussion about how the pub was named, was for a poor injured wolf or was more along the lines of get that bleedin' wolf out of here.  It is for the first reason and there is a story attached to it that dates from the time of King John.  Looking forward to Sunday lunch at the pub tomorrow and a day off to chill.  Back onto the Trent and Mersey on Monday morning.

The Bleeding Wolf, a fine hostelry

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