Monday, 30 June 2014

Having decided that we would divert to Sheffield, we then found out that you have to book passage through Tinsley Flight, a flight of 11 locks up to Sheffield.  Having phoned up and sorted out the booking we made our way slowly up to the meeting point with the lock keeper.  Travelling up with three other boats, we arrived and moored in Victoria Quays, right near Sheffield city centre, on Thursday.  Stayed over for a few days and travelled back down on Sunday.  We were the only boat coming back.  Most of the locks up here are big electric locks and are lovely and easy to operate, but the locks up to Sheffield are double locks with very heavy gates, some of which I struggled to open and close.  The lock keepers are brilliant at lending a helping hand though so we did it without too many problems.  The main difficulty was that the locks are short and even though we are the right size to fit in it was very tight and we ended up with a lot of water getting into the back cabin on the way down.  Still got stuff drying on the roof now so just as well we have had a hot and sunny day.

An impressive train bridge that slides across to allow boats passage 

A selection of views of the  South Yorkshire Navigations

Last time we were up this way the gravel barges were still working, this has all gone now, but Humber Princess, an oil tanker still does two runs a week up to Rotherham.  She passed us on her return journey when we were moored at Mexborough.
Humber Princess

Boats at Waddington Lock

 The straddle warehouse, Victoria Quays, lit up at night

The locks up here are huge!!!

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