Tuesday, 15 May 2012

After much examining of the map and discussion we decided a plan to get to the summit.  This is a bit of a mammoth task as there are 35 locks between here and the top.  Decided to go as far as Shireoaks to fill up with water and empty the toilet as these are the last facilities on the canal. 

So on Saturday morning we set off.  There are loads of fishermen out this morning taking advantage of the warm, sunny day and plenty of people walking the towpath who all say hello or wave.  At Worksop town Lock two guys came out of the pub and commented on the number of boats they saw where the men steered the boat and the women did all the hard work opening locks.  Poor Graham takes this in good part, especially as he would like to work locks but I am not keen on being in control of this boat in case I scratch itJ

At Deep Lock, which is near a pub loads of people came out to watch us go through and a guy with a camera took loads of photo’s.  He gave me his card with details of his website and then stayed with us all the way up to Shireoaks.  He was a lovely guy and we enjoyed his company and appreciated his help through the locks.  He took loads of really good pictures.

We turned into Shireoaks Marina which has visitor moorings, so we decided to stay there the next day to psyche ourselves up for the 24 locks to the summit.  A lovely evening so we sat out on the front deck with a gin and tonic.  Fairly lazy day on Sunday catching up on jobs and Graham lay the vinyl in the kitchen, which looks good.

Monday morning filled up with water emptied the toilet and set off.  24 locks to the summit but this includes four sets of staircase locks, two doubles and two trebles.  The instructions for these sound a bit complicated but were easy enough to do.  Made it to the top in good time and went along to the end to view the collapsed tunnel.  After such a pretty journey this is a bit of an anticlimax but we moored up and took the dogs for a long walk as they had been on the boat all day.

We had a much deserved lie in on Tuesday.  It is always good to catch up with friends old and new.  A shame that Simon is busy at work and not able to get up to visit us, but good to have lunch with another friend.  Later on moved the boat to the top of the locks ready to start the descent tomorrow.  It is a bit colder today so had to light a fire, but Graham found loads of pieces of wood so free heat this eveningJ

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