Friday, 4 May 2012

We left Bardney Lock yesterday (Thursday) and headed back to Lincoln.  An uneventful trip and did some washing on the way.  The washing machine is still not working properly unless it is on mains electricity, but Graham has several ideas up his sleeve to make it function. 

The approach to Lincoln from this direction is not quite as attractive as coming from the other direction, as Stamp End Lock is not everyone’s idea of an idyllic setting (see photo).  The top gate of Stamp Lock is a guillotine gate and is strictly functional.  I had to climb up the staircase and walk across the bridge on the guillotine, which I did not like as it felt very precarious.

We moored up in almost exactly the same spot as before which is good for access to the city centre, but not great for the dogs, who are both as mad as hatters.  We had originally planned to stop for a few days, but I think that we may move on tomorrow and stop at Saxilby overnight and possibly until Monday.  Then back to Torksey and onto the Trent.

We spent yesterday afternoon and this morning doing food shopping but managed to get everything and to carry it all back to the boat.  Only took two tripsJ  This afternoon we went for another walk around Lincoln and the Cathedral.  Worn out being a tourist now and will be glad to moor in peace and quiet at Saxilby.

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