Tuesday, 17 July 2012

No blog for a few days mainly because we have had several days with not very much internet signal.

The last time I posted we were on the Middlewich Branch of the Shropshire Union Canal heading for Chester and Ellesmere Port.  This all changed when we got to the junction onto the Shropshire Union main line.  At the junction turn right for Chester or left for Llangollen.  We decided to turn left and then a right turn onto the Llangollen Canal and straight into the first four of the 21 locks to get to Llangollen.

Turn left for Llangollen!
Today (Tuesday) is our fourth day on the Llangollen Canal and I think it is the prettiest and most picturesque place we have been so far, think coming this way was the right decision.  The weather has continued to be a bit mixed with some fairly warm sunny weather and plenty of rain ranging from fine drizzle to torrential.
It has been sunny enough to wash the boat
These lift bridges seem to be a feature of the Llangollen Canal.  This one was chained open but most need to be operated with a windlass.

We have found some lovely moorings over the last few days, with space for the dogs to sit outside and very few people about.  Lots of boats though as this is a popular destination for hire boats with loads of hire bases around.  Graham has taken me and the dogs for three of his famous magical mystery tours (haha).  The first two were across hideously muddy fields full of cows and cow crap.  Poor Jake is completely freaked out by cows, and one time we were followed by a small herd of bullocks who were very interested in us.  I was also a bit freaked out by this much to Graham's amusement.  He did redeem himself on Sunday when we walked into Marbury village along a proper footpath, rather than through a bog and had a pint at the local pub.  Only one though at £3:20 a pint.
Very picturesque on the Llangollen Canal!

Today we moored up along the arm to Ellesmere, had lunch and did some Tesco's shopping.  Also had a look around Ellesmere which is a small thriving town with some nice shops.  We reversed out of the arm which always provides lots of opportunities for disaster!  Now moored up in the middle of nowhere for the evening and just thinking about closing some doors as there seems to be a gale blowing!  

I nearly forgot, Jake fell of the back of the boat earlier today and had to be rescued.  He is such a silly dog, so busy barking at a passing boat that he bounced off the back.  He swims fast to catch up though!  I had to take him for a walk to dry off and whilst walking him crossed the border into Wales!  There was a small signpost with England on one side and Wales on the other to mark the spot.

Ellesmere Tunnel.

In the next couple of days we will be crossing the famous Pontcysyllte aquaduct!

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