Thursday, 2 August 2012

This evenings mooring

We are moored up this evening just before Bridge 47 on the Shropshire Union Canal, we came from Market Drayton where we moored up on Tuesday evening and then stayed over on Wednesday so that we could visit the town and do some shopping.  Market Drayton has a market on Wednesday so we went for a look.  It is an impressively big market considering the size of the town and we had a good morning looking round.

This morning we filled up with water and used the facilities at Market Drayton and then continued on to Tyrley Locks, a flight of five.  We went up nice and easily as we met a boat coming down at every lock.  This part of the canal is very varied with some really narrow parts, although there is room for two boats to pass it is very overgrown which can make it tricky.

There are also some very tall bridges!

We are on schedule to get to Wheaten Aston in time to meet up with my sister on Sunday and may even have a day to spare.  Not sure but may have visitors tomorrow as well which will be good fun.  Have sussed out a mooring with good access for tomorrow if they are coming.

A real waterfront property!

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