Tuesday, 9 April 2013

A busy few days and we are now well on our way to Birmingham!  Tonight we are moored above Hatton Flight between Shrewley and Rowington.  It is in the middle of nowhere but still four other boats and have moored around us.  I think they must think there is safety in numbers.

We left Saturday evenings moorings near Ventnor Marina on Sunday and cruised down to Long Itchington, mooring up in a similar spot to the last time we came this way, towards the end of last year.  We cruised for 31/2 hours down 10 locks, hard work as they are all big double width locks.

Mooring near Ventnor Marina, Calcutt

Had a peaceful evening at Long Itchington and spoke to Steve on Skein Dhu who was moored in front of us.          Steve has just bought ther boat and is moving it from London to his mooring near Birmingham.  We were all ready at the same time in the morning and so shared the first 7 locks before we had to stop and fill up with water.  Caught up with him later at Tesco in Leamington Spa.

Bascote Locks

After filling up we did one lock on our own before waiting for a hire boat, Trafalgar, coming up behind us.  Did the last 2 locks with therm before stopping at Tesco.

Trafalgar coming into Fosse Lock behind us

After a shopping and lunch stop we carried on towards Warwick meeting up with Trafalgar again as we came up to Cape Locks, the last 2 locks of the day, a total of 12 locks, I think we deserve a beer!!  Moored up below Hatton Flight after a brief excursion down the Saltisford Arm to check out the moorings.  Very Packed and we decided not for us.  A good evening was spent in the Cape of Good Hope!

Cape of Good Hope, a traditional canalside pub

Today, Tuesday, we were ready to set off to tackle Hatton Flight, sometimes known as the 'Stairway to Heaven, a flight of 21 double Locks.  Always a daunting prospect especially with one boat and only one person to work the locks.  However luck was with us as Jean and Roger on Adagio came out of the Saltisford Arm as we set off and were happy to come up the flight with us.  A long day taking about 31/2 hours to climb the flight.  Good mooring this evening though and pizza for tea!!

Jeanie Deans and Adagio making their way up Hatton Flight.

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