Friday, 19 April 2013

We have spent the last two days exploring places that we have not been to before.  We left the mooring at the Black Country Museum on Thursday morning and headed for Netherton Tunnel.  Netherton Tunnel was the last tunnel to built during the canal age and so is a modern tunnel, completed in 1858.  It is a very large tunnel with a tow path either side and enough room for two boats to pass.

Having passed through Netherton Tunnel we headed off towards Hawne Basin on the Dudley no.2 Canal.  Not many boats come this way so it was a bit of a shock to meet another boat coming in the opposite direction in a bridge 'ole.  They were surprised too and much slamming on of brakes ensued, well in boating terms shoving into reverse and winding up the revs.  Both managed to stop and then pass through the bridge in good order though.

Shortly after the bridge incident we came to Gosty Tunnel.  We had taken down all chimneys and exhaust stacks as we had heard reports that the tunnel is very low.  We were a bit surprised then that although the tunnel was narrow it seemed to have plenty of height.  Then we came to the low bit!!

One of the low sections in Gosty Tunnel!

Sign post for Hawne basin inside Gosty Tunnel

Exiting Gosty Tunnel

Hawne Basin was a bit tricky to get into as it is a tight turn under a low bridge.  Also it was windy which made manoeuvring difficult.  However once in their was a warm welcome for visitors, who can moor up at no charge for up to a week.  Should be arranged in advance but they didn't seem to mind that we hadn't booked.  The Basin belongs to the Coombeswood Canal Trust who operate it as a mooring for their members.

Turning into Hawne Basin

It's a bit tight!

Hawne Basin

Spring is here!

We retraced our steps this morning and then carried on joining the Dudley no.1 Canal where we are moored up for the evening just above Delph Locks.  Referred to as the Delph Nine although there are only eight of them nowadays.  A long day tomorrow with 24 locks.

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