Thursday, 25 April 2013

When we woke up this morning the boat was tilted at an alarming angle.  Further investigation revealed that the water level had dropped dramatically in the pound and we were no longer floating.  Not good!!  At least I now know why I woke up in the night squashed against the wall with Graham squashed up against me.  Graham went to check it out and let some water down the lock flight, but CaRT blokes were already there dealing with it.  Ohh well! might as well eat breakfast and have a cup of tea then and wait until we are floating again.  It seems as though someone left paddles up at the lock below where we are moored.  Last boats through were Tench and Australia, two old working boats.  Not sure if it was them or maybe vandalism.  Took a couple of hours but we were still away by 8:30 going up the rest of the flight.

Met a couple of boats coming down the flight which meant that most of the locks were set for us, always a bonus.  Pulled into the services at the top of the flight and filled up with water etc.

Sunken boat spotted on the Coventry Canal!

CaRT maintenance yard , Hartshill

Working boat passing by

After Atherstone there are no more locks until the stop lock at Hawkesbury Junction.  Passed through Charity Dock on the way to Hawkesbury, which I was happy to see still looks the same.  As diverse and interesting as ever (for those of a certain age, bit like Steptoe's yard).  Really pleased to see that it has not succumbed to the prevailing trend to gentrify the waterways.

Waiting to go through the stop lock at Hawkesbury

Pump House at Hawkesbury Junction

Ashby hire boat negotiating the junction!

Ashby hire boat negotiating the junction part 2!

Ponies grazing on the towpath

At Hawkesbury we turned onto the Oxford Canal.  Moored up tonight near Ansty and heading to Braunstone tomorrow.  Truly decided to go swimming again tonight.  She is a very crafty dog and waited until my back was turned to slide into the water and just swim around.  She loves swimming.

Jake and Truly having fun this evening

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