Friday, 15 June 2012

At a standstill due to flooding again!!! Can’t believe this just as we decide to book passage through Standedge Tunnel and are working to a time scale we have an enforced stop yet again.  Not able to go through the locks today due to flooding and apparently all the flood gates on the Calder and Hebble (where we are headed) are closed so even if we could do this bit we can’t go any further.  This is a bit of a pain as we had arranged to meet people tomorrow at Wakefield, but having contacted them they are now coming here tomorrow.

In spite of the hold-ups I am loving this part of the waterways.  I had no idea there was so much commercial traffic still on the rivers and canals.  Several working barges went past today and every time it feels like we are being punched as the boat really gets shoved around.  Interesting to see though, and great that commercial traffic still around as it is what the waterways were created/ adapted for.

When we realised we would not be moving today we went for a walk into Castleford.  A busy town centre with a bustling market.  Our route into town took us over a very smart looking footbridge over the weir, which is impressive.  Spoke to a boater who tells us he is 79, still looking fit though and obviously he and his wife still enjoying their boating.  He was telling us some tales about various places they had been on a narrow boat, very interesting!  Not sure how long we will be stuck for hopefully be able to move tomorrow but who knows.  Did not see as much rain today as expected from the forecast so hopefully looking good to be able to continue soon.

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