Sunday, 3 June 2012

On Wednesday we cruised along to York.  An interesting stretch of river with loads of moored boats and shacks on stilts on the banks.  I love looking at these bits as they give a glimpse of other people’s lives.  There are plenty of boats moving and also loads of people who mostly wave.  This is something you quickly get used to on a boat.

This is not one of the shacks on stilts!

We are not really used to rivers having spent much of our previous boating time on the ditch, so it is always a bit of a surprise when little cruisers come zipping past.  We have spoken to some narrow boaters who seem to resent this, but we love to watch them speeding past and all the disturbance that this causes in the waterJ 

Made it to York in short time, about an hour, the approach is very impressive with the ornate bridges and the water buses, which are huge.  Moored up just beyond Lendal Bridge, which is pretty much central for the city.  Stayed overnight and all day Thursday before moving on.  On Thursday morning we were woken up early, about 5:00am by a passing boat, which was either very big or very fast, as it caused much turbulence.  Very alarming at 5:00 in the morningJ

Friday morning at the crack of dawn, well 9:30am we set off to make our way to Ripon.  We moored overnight at Linton Lock, walking back across the fields for about 1 mile to the pub at Newton on the Ouse.  The moorings were a little crowded and we ended up with a narrow boat called Ellie breasted up against us, lovely couple called Graham and Tina who are also heading to Ripon.  The locks on this stretch of the river to Ripon are a bit shorter than Jeanie Deans, which means we have to go in diagonally and it is difficult to share a lock with another boat. 

From Linton Lock it is a short trip to Boroughbridge.  The lock at Borough Bridge had a large leak from the top gates which made it a bit tricky to get the boat in diagonally, but Graham managed it ok and we got through without incident.  Moored at Boroughbridge intending to stay until at least Monday, before moving on to Ripon.

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