Thursday, 26 April 2012

 Brayford Pool

 The Glory Hole, where we nearly came to grief

 Modern Sculpture as you pass through the very old Glory Hole

Brayford Pool

I took the dogs for a long walk this morning while Graham did some painting inside the boat.  Didn’t see anyone and the dogs had a great time.  Truly went swimming, as usual she just slid into the water and then swam around in circles, very strange but she loves it.  Jake was keen to go in but needed some inducement, like a stick.  Silly boy went in eventually but couldn’t get out and had to wait for me to pull him out, and then run before he shook himself all over meJ  All went well until Jake jumped up and caught his mouth on the ball flicker, loads of blood everywhere and had to put him on the lead until he calmed downL

When got back from dog walking, went to Torksey caravans with Graham, to get a gas canister and then set off to Lincoln.  Uneventful journey until we got to Lincoln then it got more interesting.  Went through Brayford Pool, a large stretch of water with loads of moored boats and swans and turned onto the Witham Navigation.  This was fairly fast flowing and required concentration from the steerer.  We nearly hit a wall and poor Graham missed everything and we had to walk back so he could see it.

We passed under the Glory Hole in a bit of a rush.  This is a bridge with a half timbered building spanning the navigation.  The bridge dates from c.1160 (see piccy) and is very impressive.  As you exit the Glory Hole you see a modern sculpture, also in photo, which is a lovely contrast.  We passed several city centre moorings, which looked lovely but may not be suitable for the dogs.  But where we eventually moored is also not great as the first thing Jake did was to completely disgrace him self by barking at and chasing two swans.

We will stay here overnight and probably Friday night as well and then head for Boston on Saturday with another overnight stop before we get there.  Looking forward to exploring Lincoln tomorrow as it looks a very interesting and impressive place. 

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