Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Today was another interesting day.  It started when I took the dogs for a walk and let them run in the fields, they were having a great time until Jake started to eat all the cow crap and the Truly found a nice wet pile of dung to roll in.  She was covered in green slime and had to swim in the canal to clean up.  I was fizzing by the time I got them back to the boat and dried off.

Set off from Kilby Bridge at about 10:00am heading to Kings Lock, 9 locks and allegedly 4 hours cruising time.  Haha took us 7 hours mainly due to getting stuck several times, once so stuck the Graham had to call BW for help, unheard of for him.  The water is very low and full of rubbish.  I am amazed at what my fellow human beings have seen fit to just dump in the canal, disgusting is the only polite word for it.

Arrived safely at Castle Gardens in the middle of Leicester at about 5:00pm, in the pouring rain, and had a welcome shower and something to eat.  Truly is now barking in her sleep, weird dog!! 

No TV tonight as can't be bothered with the aerial so listening to radio Leicester :-/ 

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